STAR Award

      Since 1993, Encore Stage & Studio has been awarding STAR AWARDS to actors who have shown extraordinary dedication and ability. Recipients must have participated in at least six Encore Stage & Studio productions: two onstage, two backstage on tech crew, and two in either capacity.

      Congrats to the 2013 STAR Award Recipients:

          Sarah Conrad
          Carly Greenfield
          Olivia Hammermaster
          Mike Holland
          Matt Heap
          Samantha Morley
          Gina Lodato Pelusi
          Shannon Redifer
          Connor Stapp
          Sarah Strunk
          Laura Wade
          Madeleine Wade
          Sean Willner

      2012 STAR Award Recipients:

          Hayden Camp
          Sarah Fahrenkrug
          Reiss Gidner
          Anna Kashmanian
          Julie Kashmanian
          Caroline Meek
          Faith Palmer
          Nicole Redifer
          Natalie Reich
          Samantha Rollin
          Sydney J. Rosen
          Morgan Shotwell
          Katie Ward
          Jacob White

      2011 STAR Award Recipients:

          Caroline Virginia Culberson
          Sean Gilley
          Kianna Gryloo
          Abby Huston
          Nora Huston
          Perry Kaufman
          Thomas Kelty
          Andrew Ruhnke
          Kathryn Elizabeth Young

          2010 STAR Award Recipients:
          Claire Comey
          Rourke Donahue
          Allison Hahn
          Walter Lohmann
          Olivia Tate
          Claire Yenson
          Kate Zurowski

          2009 STAR Award Recipients:
          Heather Courtenay
          Stuary deButts
          Hayley Alison Egart
          Mikaela Kane
          Samantha Kobor
          Matthew Rosenberg
          Christine Schindler

          2008 STAR Award Recipients:
          William Beech
          Alexandra Jones
          Jackson Langevoort
          Collin Leibold
          Macon Mann
          Nora Walls
          John Ponder White
          Kelly Willner

          2007 STAR Award Recipients:
          Carson Jean Bendel
          Pat Dwyer
          Olivia Krout
          Eileen Sugameli
          Matt Welborn