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Our website is designed with you in mind! Every page provides easy access to purchase your tickets, enroll for classes or camps, and donate to Encore with our three graphic buttons listed on the right. A calendar is below to help you plan ahead!

Take a look at our new home on the web with our website scavenger hunt! Thank you to our contributors for making this website possible.

The Website Scavenger Hunt!


1. List one of the headlines in the section of Encore’s Latest News.

2. What are the four action buttons on the homepage below the slider?

3. The bottom of the page has our contact information. What is our mailing address?

Audition FAQs

4. How much does it cost to be in an Encore show?

5. Do you have to have experience before auditioning for one of Encore’s shows?

6. What time do we typically rehearse on Tuesdays?

Shows & Tickets

7. List this season’s shows.

8. How much are tickets for seniors?

9. List 2 exclusive benefits of being a subscriber.

10. What is the cost for a birthday party package?

Plan Your Visit

11. What is the suggested time of arrival for picking up your will-call tickets?

12. What is the last item of information listed to ‘keep in mind when you visit our theatre’?


13. List 3 of the 5 levels of Education Programs we offer.

14. Who is the choreographer for Musical Theatre Intensive?

15. Where is the stage combat workshop held?

16. What types of private lessons does Encore offer?


17. What ages do our summer camps start?

18. Name one of the themes in our It’s Elementary summer camp.

19. What are 3 holidays you can spend at Encore’s minicamps?

20. Name two of our themes in Spring Break camp.

About Us

21. Fill in the blank: Our mission is to build life-long appreciation for live theater by involving young people in all aspects of theater arts — ______, ___________, in the ____________, and in the ____________.

22. What year was Encore founded?

23. What are 2 work opportunities that Encore offers?

Support Us

24. What are three ways to donate to Encore Stage & Studio?

25. What is one reason to advertise with Encore?


26. What anniversary season is Encore celebrating?

27. What is one event that sounds fun to attend?

We are always a work in progress! Please feel free to send any additional comments or thoughts about the website to info@encorestage.org!