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          Encore Stage & Studio is supported in part by the Virginia Commission for the Arts, the National Endowment for the Arts, and the Arlington Cultural Affairs Division of Arlington Economic Development and the Arlington Commission for the Arts.

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          Encore Stage & Studio joins over 200 Washington DC area charities since 1994 to receive funding from the Children’s Charities Foundation (CCF). Founded by Peter Teeley, former US Ambassador, and a group of Washington-area business and professional leaders, CCF has distributed nearly $9 million to support area children by strengthening their health and welfare, supporting strong and cohesive families, and assisting educational and recreational programs. The Children’s Charities Foundation raises most of its funds from the BB&T Classic, an annual basketball tournament held in early December featuring college and university teams; the BasketBALL, its annual gala dinner held before the tournament; and a Golf Tournament held each spring. BB&T is CCF’s corporate partner in fundraising. Visit for more information.

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The Front Row Blog

The Front Row Blog

Our new blog will take you to the front row experience! Meet our past and present participants, amazing parents and staff! We’ll take you behind the scenes of tech week and share our favorite moments onstage, backstage, in the classroom and in the audience!

Celeste Award

Cel Award2014
      Cel Award2014On Tuesday, April 8, 2014, friends and supporters celebrated together in honor of Encore Stage & Studio’s 47 years of Theatre by Kids, for Kids. Encore Stage & Studio also honored Robin Baxter with the 2014 Celeste Award for outstanding volunteer. Robin Baxter served as Board President from 2006-2009 and as a Volunteer Executive Director 2009-2010, and is currently a member of Encore’s Programing Committee. Robin’s early life was enriched and formed by children’s theater participation, beginning with playing “Widget” the elf in The Elves and the Shoemaker in community children’s theater here in Northern Virginia. Through three other community and children’s theater productions, and then in high school (Madison, in Vienna) joining Thespians and playing Anne Frank (in The Diary of Anne Frank) and Puck (in Midsummer Night’s Dream), Robin learned all the great things that Encore provides its participants: teamwork, confidence, literacy, public speaking, history, culture… the list goes on.

      7Q9C7250-3198220502-ODuring her time as President of the Encore Board, Robin and a great team of officers, board and staff members contributed in achieving the following accomplishments:

      – Development/increased public support

      – Educational opportunities for Board and Staff

      – Moved Board towards Governing Board from Working Board

      – Development of Strategic Planning

      – Celebrated 40th Anniversary of Encore

      – Procured & produced original drama, The Jamestown Adventure

      – Modernized Bookkeeping & began process to hire professional bookkeeper

      – Increased offerings of programs

      – Result: Passed along a much healthier Encore to the next generation of leaders

      In 2008, Encore’s Board of Directs established this annual award in honor of our long-time Executive Producer Celeste Groves, whose “celestial” record of volunteering gives us all a high standard to live up to. Since 1979, Mrs. Groves has served as president, treasurer, administrative officer, box office manager, executive producer and head of Encore’s production committee. Mrs. Groves has been executive producer for more than 85 shows, with a combined audience of more than 150,000. Prior to her retirement, this Arlington resident had a long and successful career as an educator in the Arlington Public School System. Celeste was honored in 2007 with the James B. Hunter Community Hero Award for Lifetime Achievement for her work with Encore.

      On April 9, 2013, Encore Stage & Studio honored Rebecca Mann with the 2013 Celeste Groves Award recipient for outstanding volunteer. Rebecca has coordinated our concessions operations since the summer of 2007. She has made countless trips to Costco, schlepped sodas, and inventoried tiny packs of cookies. In estimation she has bought, stored and inventoried over 36,000 concession items.

      The 2012 Celeste Award was presented to Patrice Comey on March 20, 2012 at Encore Stage & Studio’s 2nd Annual Sunny Side Up Benefit Breakfast. This award recognizes Patrice’s continuing dedication to our organization and her vision of Encore’s future. She was instrumental in pushing to adopt much needed innovations thereby establishing a firm foundation upon which we can build our future.

      Like so many, Patrice started in our organization as a consistent, responsible, and friendly parent volunteer when her children became involved in our production program. Patrice joined Encore’s Board of Directors in August 2008 and quickly made an impact on our organization by lending her talents to our Development committee that same year. With her leadership qualities made plain, she was elected as Vice President. Before moving to Connecticut in 2010, Patrice spearheaded our first online annual fundraiser, which has raised over $25,000 for our organization to date. She initiated, organized, and led our successful corporate outreach drive, and helped pave the way for modernizing our ticketing & box office procedures, including the transition to an online box office and credit card system for our patrons. Most of all, Patrice brought a forward-thinking voice to our Board which was critical in helping our organization to achieve our current successes.

      Past recipients are Larry McClemons, Leslie Lynch, and Sherry Gainer.

      Photos by Clarence Chan.

STAR Award

Star Award

Star Award

      Since 1993, Encore Stage & Studio has been awarding STAR AWARDS to actors who have shown extraordinary dedication and ability. Recipients must have participated in at least six Encore Stage & Studio productions: two onstage, two backstage on tech crew, and two in either capacity.

      Congratulations 2014 STAR Award Recipients:

      Sam Barrett
      Kaitlyn Beckwith
      Sophia Kingsley
      Katrina Klein
      Ana McMenamin

      2013 STAR Award Recipients:

          Sarah Conrad
          Carly Greenfield
          Olivia Hammermaster
          Mike Holland
          Matt Heap
          Samantha Morley
          Gina Lodato Pelusi
          Shannon Redifer
          Connor Stapp
          Sarah Strunk
          Laura Wade
          Madeleine Wade
          Sean Willner

      2012 STAR Award Recipients:

          Hayden Camp
          Sarah Fahrenkrug
          Reiss Gidner
          Anna Kashmanian
          Julie Kashmanian
          Caroline Meek
          Faith Palmer
          Nicole Redifer
          Natalie Reich
          Samantha Rollin
          Sydney J. Rosen
          Morgan Shotwell
          Katie Ward
          Jacob White

      2011 STAR Award Recipients:

          Caroline Virginia Culberson
          Sean Gilley
          Kianna Gryloo
          Abby Huston
          Nora Huston
          Perry Kaufman
          Thomas Kelty
          Andrew Ruhnke
          Kathryn Elizabeth Young

          2010 STAR Award Recipients:
          Claire Comey
          Rourke Donahue
          Allison Hahn
          Walter Lohmann
          Olivia Tate
          Claire Yenson
          Kate Zurowski

          2009 STAR Award Recipients:
          Heather Courtenay
          Stuary deButts
          Hayley Alison Egart
          Mikaela Kane
          Samantha Kobor
          Matthew Rosenberg
          Christine Schindler

          2008 STAR Award Recipients:
          William Beech
          Alexandra Jones
          Jackson Langevoort
          Collin Leibold
          Macon Mann
          Nora Walls
          John Ponder White
          Kelly Willner

          2007 STAR Award Recipients:
          Carson Jean Bendel
          Pat Dwyer
          Olivia Krout
          Eileen Sugameli
          Matt Welborn