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Press Badge

Thank you for sharing our upcoming events! See below for current media advisories, press releases and graphics. Please e-mail our marketing manager, Aileen Pangan, at if you have any additional questions or would like to set up an interview with our production staff.

Treasure Island Materials

Press Release Encore Stage & Studio presents Treasure Island 2016
Encore Stage & Studio Treasure Island Media Advisory

Snow White Materials

Snow White Press Release Encore Stage & Studio 2016
Encore Stage & Studio Snow White Media Advisory 2016

A Fairy Tale Christmas Carol Materials

Expanded Programs for Private School Families

Hansel and Gretel Materials

Encore Stage Hansel and Gretel Media Advisory 2015
Photos by Larry McClemons | Graphic Designs by Aimee Pangan

49th Season of Encore Stage & Studio

Encore Stage Selected for Catalogue for Philantropy